In the Claws of the Indigen

by Steve Rodgers
Release date: May 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

The Old Gods have seized control of the capital in an orgy of executions and murder. Now, Larin and the others flee for their lives, as the High Wizard’s creatures fall upon them like a steel rain. Thus begins Book 2 of Spellgiver, a tale of heroism, hatred, wonder and betrayal. A tale in which Larin will meet his Master, Akul will reconcile with one horrible mistake from the past, and nothing matters but saving the king. Follow a six-limbed general as he fights his Gods for the soul of his people, row through the bubbling mud of an indigen swamp, view the world through the eyes of trapped, insane immortals, and vibrate to the hum of magic from a long dead race. And at the center of it all, Larin walks a narrow path between two evils, wanting nothing more than to go home again.

"Rodgers creates an intricate world of fabulous creatures, diverse deities, colorful locales, and spectacular battles.... An exhilarating tale for fans of sword and sorcery, fantasy, and rich worldbuilding." – Kirkus Reviews (City of Shards)

updated 2018-05-25

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