Secret in the Stone

by Kamilla Benko
Release date: February 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

The enchanting second book in a series about real-world sisters who enter a land where they may be the key to saving the unicorns.

Claire and Sophie have decided to stay in Arden — the magical land they discovered up the chimney in their late aunt's estate. The sisters have learned that they are the last descendants of the Arden prince, and only royalty with magic in their blood can awaken the unicorns. Since Sophie has does not have magic, Arden's last hope of saving the unicorns rests on Claire.

The sisters journey to Stonehaven so Claire can learn to harness her Gemmer abilities. As Claire finds her training more difficult than expected, Sophie uncovers the dangers of their situation. Can Claire prove she is the heir who was prophesized and unlock the magic of the unicorns — before it's too late?

This spellbinding sequel blends the timeless feel of The Last Unicorn with Frozen’s powerful themes of identity, enchantment, and sisterhood.

updated 2019-02-18

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