The Child Thief

by Bella Forrest
The Child Thief (The Child Thief #1) by Bella Forrest 7.50   4

In a world where we have government
of the rich by the rich for the rich...

America in 2105 is beset with mass inequality, poverty and increasingly large numbers of the poor. This, combined with the breakdown of families and marriages has led to huge economic and societal burdens. A fractured and divided America ushers in an authoritarian government that promises to solve all these problems in one stroke with a radical solution.

Welcome to the CRAS: the Child Redistribution Adoption System. Also known as the cure for America’s failing economy... and the bane of nineteen-year-old Robin Sylvone’s existence.

Under the System, not all parents can expect to keep the children they bring into the world: families who are not self-sustaining have their children taken and given to the rich.

And as a single teen mother, Robin fell within the scope of the scheme and lost her baby two years ago.

After being forced to drop out of school and become a factory worker in order to support herself, she doesn’t see much light in her future — or hold any hope of seeing her child again.

Until she stumbles upon a group of misfits who share her frustrations and desire for change. An underground movement that operates in some rather clever yet unconventional ways...

By day they still call me Robin Sylvone. Factory worker and upper class reject.

But now, by night, they call me Robin Hood...

Brimming with action, mystery and romance, fans of The Gender Game, The Handmaid’s Tale or The Hunger Games will be gripped by this imaginative thrill-ride through a chillingly warped America.

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Release date June 11, 2018
Details updated June 30, 2018

The Child Thief

Series contains 6 primary works and has 6 total works.

The Child Thief (The Child Thief #1) 7.50   4
Deep Shadows (The Child Thief #2) 8.00   1
Thin Lines (The Child Thief #3) 7.50   2
Little Lies (The Child Thief #4) 7.50   2
Ghost Towns (The Child Thief #5) 8.00   1
Zero Hour (The Child Thief #6) 7.34   3