Drums in the Abyss (Rise of the Elder, #1)
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Drums in the Abyss

by Michael W. Garza
Release date: June 1, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

Tread lightly those who seek the Darkness

Professor William Markinson’s lifelong research led him to the vast hidden caves beneath the sacred grounds west of Bursa. The true aims of his search are well hidden from the other members of the expedition team, but the lost city of Morgainok cannot be denied. The ancient roads echo with the drums of the abyss, leaving five lost souls at the mercy of the city. Horrors stand at every turn as elder things lurk in the shadows.

Lauren Miller is right to guard herself from the others. The dire situation has left the expedition team on the run. She will have to stave off the madness of what she has witnessed for any hope of escape. She must confront the caretakers of the unholy city or Morgainok will keep her forever.

Rise of the Elder

This Horror Survival Series documents the last days of those mortals foolish enough to pry into the affairs of the Cult of the Elder. The dark secrets are tempting, but few live to tell of the horrendous wonders beyond the void.

updated 2018-06-02

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