Magic Awakened (Morgana Chronicles #1) - Meg Cowley N/A

Read Meg Cowley’s new Arthurian high fantasy tale, the Morgana Chronicles series. Fans of SJ Maas’ A Court of Thorns and Roses will love it. Legend, as you’ve never read it before.

Who is Morgana?

Morgana Le Fay is a feared legend, but the truth? Well, the truth is a different matter.

Torn from her home after her father’s death, Morgana is thrust into life as a ward of the King of Albion, the respected and ruthless Uther Pendragon.

As court life in Camelot tries to mould her into a simpering courtier, Morgana fights to regain her independence and find her place, but where is that? Her father is dead, she has no home, and she cannot think of anything worse than seeing the insufferably arrogant Prince Arthur every day.

Magic may be the answer, for it may give her the freedom to make her own choices and find a new belonging. However, as Morgana struggles to untangle the truth about magic, the alluring sorceress Morgause, and the very king himself, all three long feared by many in Camelot, she finds herself drowning in questions with no answers.

Can Morgana find the truth, and the key to her powers?

If you enjoy page turning, fast paced fantasy, with characters that could step off the page, then you will love the Morgana Chronicles, which has hints of Marion Zimmer Bradley and the BBC series Merlin.

Read Magic Awakened today.

Release date September 2017

Details updated July 16, 2022

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Magic Awakened (Morgana Chronicles #1) N/A