by A. G. Riddle
Release date: May 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, thriller

DAY 01. 

A young man arrives at a remote hospital. He's burning with fever and barely conscious. He's also bleeding from his eyes.

Fearing an Ebola-like outbreak, the World Health Organisation scrambles a rapid response team headed by leading epidemiologist Dr. Peyton Shaw. But what she finds in Kenya is beyond her worst fears. The world is facing an outbreak quite unlike anything previously documented. In just two weeks' time a disease with a 95 percent fatality rate will infect every corner of the planet.

To find a cure, Dr. Shaw must trace the origin of the pathogen. But with each passing hour, her suspicions grow: this outbreak is no natural catastrophe.

Pandemic will take you inside the world's response to a deadly epidemic, blending meticulously researched science and history with the pulse-pounding fiction that has made A.G. Riddle an international bestseller.

(updated 2018-06-07)

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