Ellie Quin in Wonderland

Alex Scarrow
science fiction, young adult
Ellie Quin in Wonderland (Ellie Quinn #4) - Alex Scarrow

Ellie Quin and Jez have managed to escape off Ellie's home world, Harpers Reach, as stowaways aboard a freight ship. But, when the crew dump them on a mothballed theme park floating in the middle of space, it looks like they may have got lucky.

WonderLand - a series of domed mini-worlds in which anything and any creature you can imagine can be made; a luxury resort for the universe's rich and famous. Only, it never got a chance to open and now it's kept ticking over by a pair of eccentric technicians and their bizarre creations.

Ellie and Jez are having the time of their life, like kids in a candy store. But Ellie soon discovers something here isn't right...

Back on Harpers Reach, The Administration are beginning to discover the truth about Ellie. She's so much more than just one madman's secret project. She is what a terrorist organization called 'The Awoken' have been patiently waiting generations for...

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Release date: February 2014
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Updated: June 14, 2018

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