Mean Mode Median

by Aliya Whiteley
Mean Mode Median - Aliya Whiteley N/A

Mean Mode Median revolves around a brother and sister who are at war. They share similar talents – an ability to read and influence others. But they apply their talents in different ways: ways which are intrinsically opposed. And each is fated to suffer the consequences of their actions. Their family, and those whose lives they touch, are caught up in a chain of events manipulated by the pair that lead to tragic consequences.

Insights into personality, power and humanity draw the reader along, tempting and teasing until the plot unfolds and the reader’s view expands with startling clarity. It is the kind of book that you look back on, remember, and savour the resonances of; that you think about long after you have put it down.

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Release date 2004
Details updated September 5, 2022
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