The Legend of Podkin One-Ear

Kieran Larwood
fantasy > animal fantasy, childrens
The Legend of Podkin One-Ear (The Five Realms #1) - Kieran Larwood

Also known as Podkin One-Ear.

A thick white blanket covers the wide slopes of the band of hills some call the Razorback Downs...

Podkin One-Ear is a legend: a fearsome warrior rabbit whose reputation for cunning and triumph in battle has travelled the ages. But how did he become such a mighty fighter? The answer may surprise you... When a travelling bard arrives at Thornwood Warren on Midwinter night, he is warmly welcomed. In return for food and lodging, he settles down to tell of how Podkin One-Ear - and soon the rabbits are enthralled to hear the story of how one lost little rabbit overcame the cruellest enemy imaginable, and became the greatest warrior their land has ever know.

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Release date: October 2016
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, childrens
Updated: August 28, 2021

The Five Realms :: Series

Also known as Longburrow (US).

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