The Shameful Suicide of Winston Churchill

by Peter Millar
Release date: April 2011 (Arcadia Books)
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: alternate history, thrillercrime fiction

A gripping murder mystery mixed with personal and political upheaval set in an alternative Britain that is the front line of the Cold War. 1949: As Soviet tanks roll through London, Winston Churchill emerges from his bunker, draws a revolver and dramatically takes his own life. Now in 1989, with England split in two between the Americans and the Soviets, a hard-working honest cop is told by an untrustworthy informer that a recent murder is linked to a dissident plot involving the notorious suicide of the villainous' Churchill himself. But should he believe his informer or the slimy Secret Police major who feeds him an altogether different version.

(updated 2018-07-20)

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