The Big-Headed People and Other Stories

D. F. Lewis
horror, short stories
The Big-Headed People and Other Stories (Eibonvale Chapbook Line #2) - D. F. Lewis

“The story missed a beat. It was sad. It never knew it could create such utter truth from such utter fantasy.” 

These stories of D. F. Lewis are deeply rooted in both horror and dreams, yet told in a way that maybe comes closest to ‘outsider art’. These works are dreamlike in a true sense of the term, capturing that feeling of portentous yet seemingly random shifts in narrative, state and environment with complete ease. The results are both subtly unnerving in ways few horror stories manage and also demonstrate the author’s unique writing style. 

This collection includes an expanded version of the title story plus four smaller pieces. 

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Release date: December 2017
Genres: horror, short stories
Average rating: 10.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: February 22, 2019