Stephen Baxter
science fiction
Exultant (Destiny's Children #2) - Stephen Baxter

Set 25,000 years from now, Exultant takes mankind into a millenial war for the control of the galaxy itself. A war against the unknowable, utterly alien Xeelee.

Now the war has reached the galaxy's hot core, the Xeelee stronghold and, impossibly, it seems that a final victory may be at hand. It is a victory that will rely on mankind's latest warriors.

In a war for survival you are expected to live bravely and die young for the good of the greater. A massive selective breeding campaign has led to the best solution - child soldiers. But the Xeelee predate man by millions of years and they will not be easily beaten.

Exultant is an epic dark novel of a savage future. It is at once a warning about the dangers of winning whatever the cost and a hugely impressive piece of SF.


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Release date: 2004
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 20, 2021