The Scent of Tears (Tales of the Apt #4) - Adrian Tchaikovsky

For the first time in print, Adrian Tchaikovsky has opened up the realm of the Apt, as featured in his best-selling Shadow of the Apt decalogy, to a carefully selected cast of fellow writers, inviting them to do their best and their worst within the world he has created.

They have done just that. Topped and tailed by two new stories form Adrian himself, some of the finest imaginations in fantasy, including winners of the David Gemmell Award, the Costa Book Award and British Fantasy Award, have combined to produce a stunning collection of tales that examine fresh aspects of the Apt world and its people.


Old Blood – Adrian Tchaikovsky
The Scent of Tears – Keris McDonald
Wonder – Frances Hardinge
The Promise of a Threat – David Tallerman
The Unforeseen Path – Juliet E. McKenna
The Message – John Gwynne
The Mantis Way – Peter Newman
Poor Little Earwig Girl – Tom Lloyd
Forwards, Up, Back, Down – Joff Leader
Recipes for Good Living – Justina Robson
God of Profound Things – Adrian Tchaikovsky

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Release date: October 23, 2018
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, anthology
Updated: October 23, 2018

Tales of the Apt :: Series

Belongs to the series Shadows of the Apt

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A Time for Grief (Tales of the Apt #2)
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The Scent of Tears (Tales of the Apt #4)