The Neon Boneyard

by Craig Schaefer
The Neon Boneyard (Daniel Faust #8) - Craig Schaefer 9.00   2

Daniel Faust has clawed his way from the gutter to a penthouse suite, carving a bloody swath across the Las Vegas underworld. He's buried his enemies and more than a few friends along the way. If there's one thing a modern-day sorcerer knows for certain, though, it's that the past never stays buried forever.

Now he's running on ice, juggling his responsibilities as a mob boss with his dubious "gift" of a knighthood in the courts of hell, defending territory in two worlds at once. It's a bad time for unfinished business to come back and haunt him, forcing him to confront his tortured history and the family he left behind. An even worse time for his surviving foes to join forces and take deadly aim at Faust's throne.

Toss in a syndicate operative from a parallel world, a deranged half-demon assassin hungry for a duel, and the shadowy machinations of the King of Worms, and the stage is set for a showdown under the neon lights of Vegas. Vultures are circling, and only the magician with the quickest wits - and the fastest trigger-finger - will survive.

Release date April 2018

Details updated April 10, 2022

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Daniel Faust :: Series

Series contains 9 primary works and has 10 total works.

Las Vegas. It's a city of big winners and bigger losers, where fortunes tumble with a roll of the dice. Under all the glitz and sleaze, though, there's another Vegas: a city infested by monsters in human skin, drenched in occult corruption. It's the kind of place where a dash of black magic and a gun could be the only thing standing between you and the gates of hell. The kind of place a man like Daniel Faust calls home.

Faust is nobody's hero. He's a card-carrying villain by trade, a thief and sorcerer just trying to make a dishonest buck in Sin City. He doesn't have to go looking for trouble, though: trouble finds him. Surviving by his wits, he does his best to save the day (if he absolutely has to), save his own skin (preferably), and beat the odds on his way to the next big score.

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