Stephen Baxter
science fiction
Evolution - Stephen Baxter

Their story began when dinnosaurs dominated the Earth. And, down through countless millennia of the day-to-day dramas of survival of the fittest, they have survived.

The primates.

They dodged the thunderous feet and scything teeth of the dinosaurs.

65 million years ago they survived the apocalyptic asteroid strike and inherited an empty world.

They have been carried by the infinitely slow, stately dance of the continents, lived through the swift advance and retreat of the great ice packs.

They fumbled their way out of the forests, they became human, they covered the Earth, they fell but they have survived. And they have evolved. Adapted to life on a changing, dying world.

This is their story.

Evolution follows the ebb and flow of one stream in the great river of DNA. It turns the story of Darwinian evolution into a constant drama, a daily life and death struggle, a heroic story of life's endurance. It is a story that transcends generations, species, mankind and, in the end, the Earth itself.


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Release date: 2002
Genres: science fiction
Updated: August 23, 2021
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