by Ken Hughes
Release date: February 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

A trapped soul dwindling away. A battle for the magic of flight. A killer who can hide within anyone’s mind.

Mark will do anything to bring back the woman he loves. The puppetmaster has stalked their lives searching for the secrets of magic her family has hidden. Now every night Mark leaps over the city streets, hunting the hunter’s own keys to the power of possession — the only hope of freeing his love from the body she’s trapped in. But how can Mark’s flying magic track down an enemy who never needs to show his face?

Even stopping the gang leader Rafe is tainted by the killer’s shadow. Mark and his allies could risk their lives to stop the crew of levitating criminals from taking control of the skies... but only Rafe has glimpsed the enemy’s plans and survived. Mark may have no choice but to try to save him, at any cost.

Through it all, the one he fights to save is still his greatest ally, closer than his vengeful partners or the “innocent” targets of the puppetmaster’s latest schemes. But as the killer’s powers tighten and hope grows fainter, can he even trust her?

Can he trust himself?

FREEFALL continues the Spellkeeper Flight series on its heart-stopping journey above the streets of urban fantasy. Step into the sky today.

updated 2019-02-26

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