Catfishing on CatNet

by Naomi Kritzer
Release date: November 19, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, thriller, young adult

How much does the internet know about YOU?

What if the internet knows everything about you? What if it knows you better than you know yourself? What if the internet were a sentient A.I. who loves cat pictures?

Steph hasn’t stayed in one place longer than six months. Her only constant is an online community called CatNet ― a social media site where users upload cat pictures ― a place she knows she is welcome. What Steph doesn’t know is that the admin of the site, CheshireCat, is a sentient A.I.

When a threat from Steph’s past catches up to her and ChesireCat’s existence is discovered by outsiders, it’s up to Steph and her friends, both online and IRL, to save her.

A surprising, heartfelt near-future YA thriller about the topical issues of online privacy and out-of-control technology, and the importance of making connections and friendships in an increasingly fragmented society by award-winning author Naomi Kritzer, whose short story “Cat Pictures Please” won the Hugo Award and Locus Award and was a finalist for the Nebula.

updated 2020-05-11

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