Sherlock Holmes: The Shadow of the Rat & The Tangled Skein

by David Stuart Davies
Sherlock Holmes: The Shadow of the Rat & The Tangled Skein  - David Stuart Davies 9.00   1

An omnibus edition of The Shadow of the Rat and The Tangled Skein.

Two of Sherlock Holmes most exciting, dangerous and challenging adventures in one volume.

In The Shadow of the Rat, a body is found floating in the river a body that has been deliberately infected with the plague virus. Holmes and Watson find themselves seeking answers at The Bridge of Dreams, a club where a persons darkest wish can be granted for a price. Holmes falls under the control of a will stronger than his own which threatens the life of his closest friend Watson and leaves the government - indeed Britain itself - open to a deadly terror, the monstrous Giant Rat of Sumatra.

In The Tangled Skein, it is the autumn of 1888, and following the successful conclusion of the investigation into the affair of the Hound of the Baskervilles, Sherlock Holmes is faced with an even darker mystery. A strange package, an attempt on Holmes life, murders on Hampstead Heath and a strange phantom lady lead Holmes and Watson to return to Devon and the bleak terrain of Dartmoor where they encounter the true embodiment of evil, Count Dracula, the Lord of the Undead.

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Release date February 2010 (Wordsworth Editions)
Details updated August 28, 2022

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Blue Six
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March 10, 2019
9 / 10


A great many Sherlock Holmes stories have been written since the passing of the great Sir Arthur Conan Doyle but very few authors have managed to capture his style happily David Stuart Davies has done just this. Both stories are extremely well written and could very easily pass for the work of Conan Doyle were it not for the fact that they contain a supernatural element, in “The Shadow of the Rat” Holmes encounters a European Baroness with psychic powers and in “The Tangled Skein” he crosses swords with the Prince of Darkness himself. Stuart Davies has written several other Holmes stories including “The Scroll of the Dead” which despite the promising title the antagonist proves to be no more spectral than the Sussex Vampire or the Hound of the Baskervilles.
Recommended to anyone who just cannot get enough Sherlock Holmes