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by Allen Ashley, Sarah Doyle
Release date: October 19, 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, horror, anthology

Edited by Sarah Doyle and Allen Ashley.

Inspired by notions of the animalistic, Humanagerie is a vivid exploration of the nebulous intersection of human and beast. From cities to wilderness, buildings to burrows, and coastlines to fish-tanks, these thirty-two poems and thirteen short stories explore emergence and existence, survival and self-mythology, and the liminal hinterland between humanity and animality.


Animal Apology - Paul Stephenson
Beginnings - Elaine Ewart
Aquarium Dreams - Gary Budgen
Beetle - Sarah Westcott
Vixen - Cheryl Pearson
Augury - Tarquin Landseer
The Orbits of Gods - Holly Heisey
Polymorphous / Stages of Growth - Oliva Edwards
Pray - Scott Hughes
Seahorse - Tarquin Landseer
Crow and Rat - James Dorr
Phasianus Colchicus - Kerry Darbishire
And Then I Was a Sheep - Jonathan Edwards
Wade - Tonya Walter
Sanctuary - Lauren Mason
Sturnidae - Setareh Ebrahimi
Rut - Ian Steadman
When a magician - Kate Wise
Palavas-les-Flots - Paul Stephenson
Notes for the "Chronicles of the Land that has no Shape" - Frank Roger
Rough Music - Jayne Stanton
The Butterfly Factory - William Stephenson
Hibernation - Sandra Unerman
Jellyfish - Megan Pattie
Barred Owl - Kristin Camitta Zimet
Ouroboros - Douglas Thompson
The Great Eel of Jazz - Amanda Oosthuizen
University Library - Lindsay Reid
Vulpine - Tarquin Landseer
Sloth - Elaine Ruth White
Flock - David Hartley
Fishy Business - Diana Cant
Wojtek - Mary Livingstone
Susheela - Bindia Persaud
Fluke - Michael G. Casey
Buck and Doe - Jane Burn
A structure of perfect angles - Jane Lovell
Two Lost Souls - Tracey Emerson
Company to Keep at the Harvard Museum of Natural History - Jenny Grassl
Last night a deer - Kerry Darbishire
Miss Muffet Owns Her Inner Spider - Hannah Linden
Dewclaw - Ian Kappos
Female Skate - Sarah Westcott
Noctuary - Tarquin Landseer
Her Audience Shall Stand in Ovation - Jason Gould

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