Omega Canyon

by Dan Simmons
Omega Canyon by Dan Simmons 8.24   17

A thrilling tale of a scientist turned Nazi spy informing on America's nuclear war program.

The location and mission of Omega Canyon were top secret. During World War II, it served as the most restricted area on the Los Alamos atomic-bomb research and testing grounds.

Paul Haber was a physicist banished by the Nazi party during the war. Like many academics in Germany, he came to America to help with the war effort and to avenge the loss of his wife and child to a Nazi concentration camp. But after being approached by a German spy, he is presented with proof that his family is alive. And to keep them so he must become a spy for the Nazis and betray the country that has given him asylum and purpose.

OMEGA CANYON is America's greatest war fear realized: The Los Alamos project was compromised and someone was sneaking valuable information to Nazi Germany. The race for the nuclear bomb is heating up, and Paul has to decide between the family he loves and the country who has saved his life.

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Category: Thriller

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Release date May 2023
Details updated February 28, 2023
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