The Secret Room (Karl and Achim #1) - Antonia Michaelis

Achim is eleven years old when he moves from the orphanage to the house by the sea. Here everything is strange and new. But one day he discovers an unusual door that leads to a circular room with walls made of rough stone. It is a magic room - which he calls "The Adopted Room" - belonging to another world. And on a bed in the room sits a boy who is waiting to take Achim with him into the realm of the powerful Nameless One. Achim learns that the boy, Arnim, is the long-dead son of Achim's new parents. The Nameless One has trapped him in the room, so now it is up to Achim to help set him free.

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Release date: 2012
Genres: fantasy, young adult
Tags: translation
Updated: September 09, 2018

Karl and Achim :: Series

The Secret Room (Karl and Achim #1)
The Secret of the Twelfth Continent (Karl and Achim #2)