The Gods of Vice (The Vengeance Trilogy #2) - Devin Madson

Book 2 of The Vengeance Trilogy

Two emperors. One empire.

The war for the Crimson Throne has split Kisia. In the north Otako supporters rally around their champion, but Katashi Otako wants only vengeance. Caught in the middle, Hana must decide between her family and her heart. Is the true emperor the man the people want? Or the one they need?

As the true heir to the throne, Endymion remains hidden in plain sight, but the Vices know his secret. Malice, scheming to restore the empire to the rule of gods, plans a coup that will tear Kisia apart if Endymion does not find a way to escape. But he is running out of time. His Empathy is consuming him. It grows stronger with every use, spreading him so thin there will soon be nothing left – nothing except the monster he fears to become. When gods fight, empires fall.

The storm is coming.

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Release date: December 2013
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Updated: August 28, 2021