Deep RED (RED #3) - Paul Kane

In a nightmare future, where the wolves have taken over, a lone messenger negotiates the dangerous landscape of this new world. The human beings that are left have been driven underground, deep under the earth where they survive in small groups fighting for their very survival. Against this backdrop, a new hero has emerged: a young man who has become a living legend, someone who might just be the key to their victory. Someone who knows the secret of what’s buried deeper than anything else, in a room full of mirrors. The final battle of the war is about to begin, as the wolves attempt to resurrect their long-lost leader. But which side will win? And what will happen after that? From the imagination of award-winning and bestselling author, Paul Kane (Hooded Man,Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of HellBefore) comes the final shocking part of the RED trilogy. A post-apocalyptic glimpse of a possible timeline, the conclusion to a terrifying dark fairy tale in which absolutely anything can happen...

"Kane does an incredible job of combining horror and humor into one tasty morsel." — Cemetery Dance on RED

"RED is wonderfully written; it is easy to sink one's teeth into it and devour it with relish." — Hellnotes

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Release date: November 2018
Genres: horror
Updated December 21, 2018

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