The Beast with Five Fingers: Supernatural Stories
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The Beast with Five Fingers: Supernatural Stories

by W. F. Harvey
Release date: May 2009 (Wordsworth Editions)
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horrorgothic horror + psychological horror + weird fiction, short stories, mystery

The brilliant and scary The Beast with Five Fingers, is the first entry in this mammoth collection of strange and chilling short stories by W. F. Harvey, an unjustly neglected author of supernatural tales. This unique volume demonstrates clearly that Harvey is one of the masters of the genre. Along with such classics as August Heat, which concerns two strangers whose individual fates become inextricably entwined in a nightmare scenario and the gruesome school yarn, The Dabblers, you will find such minor masterpieces of the uncanny as The Man Who Hated Aspidistras, Sarah Bennet's Possession, The Habeas Corpus Club and many more stories which refreshingly avoid the cliche while at the same time creating that wonderfully eerie sense of fear.

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