In Arcadia

by Andrea K. Höst
In Arcadia (Touchstone #5) - Andrea K. Höst N/A

One does not simply walk onto another planet. At least not without the help of a daughter who has developed unlikely powers, fought an intra-dimensional war, and then arranged for a family relocation to a futuristic clone of Earth. Laura Devlin would gladly have paid any price to have her daughter back, so living in a techno-paradise with spaceship views is merely an added bonus. And a dream come true.

But Arcadian paradises do not come without complications. Laura's include a plethora of psychic grandchildren. Interplanetary diplomacy. Her daughter's immense fame. And KOTIS, the military watchdog that seems to consider Laura's entire family government property.

Forewarned by her daughter's experiences, Laura had anticipated as many problems as she could, and didn't doubt her ability to cope with the rest. But she had not planned on Gidds Selkie, a military officer 'chipped from flint' and not at all the sort of man lifelong geek Laura had ever imagined would find her interesting.

Burned in the past, Laura is surprised to find herself tempted. Is this a new start to go with a new world? Or a mismatch doomed to failure?

Also known as Stray Book 5.

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Release date January 2017
Details updated December 15, 2022

Touchstone :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 6 total works.

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Lab Rat One (Touchstone #2) N/A
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In Arcadia (Touchstone #5) N/A
The Touchstone Trilogy 10.00   2