by Mike A. Lancaster
Release date: February 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, young adult

After preventing conservative MP Victor Palgrave from engineering a human mind-controlled teenage army, Joe Dyson and Ani Lee, operatives for a secret youth division of British Intelligence, have probably earned a rest. But there's no time to be lax with bizarre new developments popping up across the UK and the world.

While busting a group that's pressing teen runaways into slave labor building tech, Joe discovers a computer component not yet out on the market, linked to a very popular, but highly secretive gaming company based in California. Meanwhile, skilled hacker Ani works her way into a vigilante hacking ring intent on using viral social media to bring the truth to the world and bring world governments to their knees. They're method: rewriting reality, virtually, so that the world never knows the difference.

As Ani's and Joe's missions draw closer together, they realize that they have been corralled into a real-life video game - one where the levels are constantly being rewritten, and the stakes are constantly shifting.

What happens when AI evolves to the point where it has a mind of its own? When the computer threatens to turn on its master? Joe, Ani, and the world are about to find out.

updated 2018-10-01

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