The Dark Masters Trilogy - Stephen Volk

An omnibus edition of three novellas.

Whitstable - 1971

Peter Cushing, grief-stricken over the loss of his wife and soul-mate, is walking along a beach near his home. A little boy approaches him, taking him to be the famous vampire-hunter Van Helsing from the Hammer films, begs for his expert help...

“A beautiful piece of work... heartfelt, respectful, elegant, brave” — Dread Central

Leytonstone - 1906

Young Alfred Hitchcock is taken by his father to visit the local police station. There he suddenly finds himself, inexplicably, locked up for a crime he knows nothing about — the catalyst for a series of events that will scar, and create, the world's leading Master of Terror...

“Volk possesses a questing mind and an expansive heart and paints dark and light sides of the human equation like few others” — Mick Garris, producer/director, Masters of Horror

Netherwood - 1947

Best-selling black magic novelist Dennis Wheatley finds himself summoned mysteriously to the aid of Aleister Crowley — mystic, reprobate, The Great Beast 666, and dubbed by the press ‘The Wickedest Man in the World’ — to help combat a force of genuine evil...

“Beautifully written. Perfectly nuanced. I loved it” — Neil Spring, best-selling author of The Ghost Hunters

“Mesmeric and demonic. An instant classic” — Johnny Mains, series editor, Best British Horror

"The perfect finale to the Dark Masters Trilogy. Packed with word magic, full of illuminating darkness" - A. K. Benedict, author of The Beauty of Murder and Jonathan Dark or The Evidence of Ghosts

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Release date: October 2018
Genres: horror, collection
Updated: August 15, 2021