Quest for the Grail

by Audrey Mackaman
Release date: August 20, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy, young adult
Tags: arthuriana

This thrilling middle grade adventure is the sequel to Cavall in Camelot: A Dog in King Arthur’s Court. Cavall and King Arthur embark on a quest to find a mysterious grail with magical healing properties.

Cavall and King Arthur embark on a quest to find a legendary grail.

King Arthur’s dog, Cavall, and the rest of Camelot thought their troubles were behind them after they defeated the Night Mare. But when Arthur’s son, Mordred, falls gravely ill, it seems that something sinister is afoot in Camelot once more.

The only thing that can cure Mordred is an ancient artifact hidden deep within the fay forest — an artifact that’s been missing for centuries. King Arthur declares a quest to recover it and will stop at nothing to save his son.

Cavall must lead his person and his friends deep into the enchanted forest in pursuit of the legendary grail. Cavall will do anything to help his person... but is it possible that a world without Arthur’s treacherous son would be safer for everyone?

On the perilous journey, Cavall will come face-to-face with ancient mysteries, dangerous magic — and his own fears. Why has his mercurial brother, Gless, joined the search — and can he be trusted? Is there any truth to the legend of the monstrous wolf that guards the grail? And what is the shadowy creature that seems to be following their every move? Cavall will have to answer all these mysteries and more before he and his person can return safely home.

updated 2019-08-21

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