by Ben Bova
Release date: 1998
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Ben Bova's extraordinary Moonbase Saga continues with a breathtaking near-future adventure rich in character and incident.

The action begins seven years after the indomitable Stavenger family has realized its cherished dream of establishing a colony on the inhospitable lunar surface.

Moonbase is now a thriving community under the leadership of Doug Stavenger, a marvel of scientific ahievement created and supported by nanotechnology: virus-size machines that can build, cure, and destroy. But nanotechnology has been declared illegal by the home planet's leaders. And a powerful despot is determined to lay claim to Stavenger's peaceful city... or obliterate it, if necessary.

The people of Moonbase - a colony with no arms or military - must now defend themselves from earth-born aggression with the only weapon at their disposal: the astonishing technology that sustains their endangered home.


updated 2017-01-16

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