Cursebound (The Dark Curse Trilogy #1) - Bec McMaster

A dark curse. A twisted tale of revenge.

Nobody knows the real Remington Cross. The stage magician is the perfect Master of Illusions; a charismatic sorcerer who hides a deep, dark secret. And when he finds the body of his magician's assistant — the first of many ritual deaths — he wonders if an ancient curse has returned to haunt him. With Scotland Yard hounding his every step, the only alibi Remy has is a young woman whose affections he once spurned.

Enter... Stage Right...

If it wasn't for murder, Thea Davies might enjoy holding the upper hand over the man who once broke her heart. Posing as Remy's stage assistant is the perfect cover to find out who — or what — is slaughtering her fellow sorcerers, and it's also an opportunity to get a taste of the passion that lingers between them.

The last thing Remy wants is to draw the innocent beauty into the twisted games his nemesis plays, but headstrong Thea is determined to uncover all his secrets. With a shadow looming over London, Remington must find the strength to break the curse... or risk losing Thea forever.

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Release date: 2021
Genres: fantasy, romance
Expectation rating: 9.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 20, 2021