Skein Island

by Aliya Whiteley
Release date: March 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, horrorweird fiction

Will you visit the island? Skein Island, a private refuge twelve miles off the coast, lies in troubled waters. Few receive the invitation to stay, but those who do may stay for one week, free of charge. Those few who are chosen must pay for their stay with a story from their past - a Declaration for the island's vast library. What happens to your Declaration after you leave the island is none of your concern. From the monsters of Ancient Greece to the atrocities of World War II, from heroes to villains with their seers and sidekicks by their sides, Skein Island looks through the roles we play, and how they form and divide us. Powerful and disturbing, it is a story over which the characters will fight for control. Until you realise the true enemy is the story itself.

updated 2018-10-23

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