Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation

by Tom Kratman
Release date: August 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction, anthology

Edited by Tom Kratman.

New stories set in Tom Kratman's hard-hitting Carrera military sf series

"Send us your tired, your poor," says the inscription at the base of the great statue, "your huddled masses yearning to be free."

But the future of the colony planet, Terra Nova, and its relations with Old Earth is far more a case of "boot out your tired, your poor, your dissidents and troublemakers. Use us for a dumping ground for all your problems. Go ahead and abandon these here." This may have been fine, too, but for the UN and its corrupt bureaucracy insisting on maintaining control and milking the new world and its settlers, willing and unwilling both, bone dry.

Contained herein are tales of the history of Mankind's future first colony, from the first failed attempt at colonization, to the rise in crime, to the rise in terrorism, to its descent into widespread civil war and rebellion... and ultimately liberation. As with most of human history, this history is messy, with good men and women turning bad, bad men and women inadvertently doing good, and blood flowing in the streets.

Stories set in Tom Kratman’s Carrera series by

Kasey Ezell   
Mike Massa                
Rob Hampson                 
Chris Smith         
Peter Grant                      
Chris Nutall         
Justin Watson                                    
Monalisa Foster                
Alex Macris                       
Lawrence Railey   
and Tom Kratman       

updated 2019-08-06

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