The Song of the Sycamore

by Edward Cox
Release date: August 22, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

Wendal Finn died in the wastelands outside the City, one more victim of the endless war between the citizens and the tribes of the wasteland. But now Wendal is back in town, possessed by the murderous spirit of Sycamore, god of the dead. Sycamore wants to avenge murder - all murders - and will work his way through the population of the City one by one if he has to. And no one is truly innocent. Trapped in his mind, Wendal must watch as he becomes a serial killer.

Until a magician who knows more about Sycamore than the god himself traps them, and gives Wendal his body back. She can unleash Sycamore whenever she wants someone killed, and when she does Wendal must let Sycamore have control. But the rest of the time, Wendal can investigate why he died, why his wife was killed days before he was due to return to the City, and just what the magicians are planning.

Because the tribes are running wild, preparing to attack. Another bastion of civilisation has been destroyed in a mystical explosion. There is a storm coming, one that could destroy the city. And the spirit of a vengeful god may be the only way to prevent it... even if he doesn't want to.

updated 2019-08-26

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