Cursed Boa Riverson

by Elina Vale
Release date: April 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, young adult

A novella.

They had cursed him, and it wouldn't stop until Boa would surrender to their will. But he would never be their slave.


The death of Boa Riverson's parents and a vicious curse cast on him in his youth has made him hateful against magic and everything related to it. The curse keeps him running across the land, but Boa has sworn to kill those who wronged him.

One day Boa meets an older warrior, who says she can help him with the curse. Desperate to get turn his life around, Boa joins her quest, but during their journey, Boa discovers that his life might have other, important but not necessarily welcomed purposes.

To lose the curse and to get away from his tormentors, Boa must work together with Eavan Firestone, a senatai, a user of magic. Can Boa overcome his hatred of magic and all the senatai and will he find a way to get rid of the curse that has ruined his life?

This novella is part of the Legends of Shadear.

(updated 2018-11-05)

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