Honour Among Thieves

by Marcus J. Henson
Release date: August 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, steampunk

The Prince of Thieves is dead...

With the death of one Prince, comes the succession of another. But where money, influence and power are concerned, you can never trust a thief; let alone a Guild full of them.

Set within the smog and dust filled streets of a steampunk world, Honour Among Thieves follows Kaiden Zwelle's attempt to pull off the single greatest heist of his life, to come out on top, to lay to rest the demons of the past and stand over the city of Rêves as its master.

While the rest of the Thieves' Guild sees him as no competition, a chance encounter with a young and eccentric inventor, Niles Van der Haas, gives Kaiden's plan the spark of life it needs to set itself into motion. However, there are those who see the succession as their opportunity to bring the Guild to ruin. While Kaiden plots his path to Princedom, others plot with the enemies of the Guild and Kaiden looks like the perfect scapegoat.

As Kaiden tiptoes around his relationship with Niles, trying to hide his true identity as the wolves close in, it's a constant struggle to keep the house of cards from falling down around him as the ghosts of his past collide with the present.

In this most spectacular of heists, it's win it all or lose everything...

(updated 2018-11-11)

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