by Ben Bova
Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

With Death Dream, Ben Bova established himself as a major mainstream writing talent. The Chicago Tribune called Death Dream "a quantum leap into the universe of thrillers." Now, in Brothers, Bova again delivers a knockout commercial read so realistic it could be torn from tomorrow's headlines.

Some see it as the greatest breakthrough in the history of medical research. Others as a blasphemous attempt to play God. At a corporate lab in Connecticut, scientists have pioneered an amazing genetic technique that can regenerate functioning organs inside the human body. The implications are earthshaking: could humankind become immortal? Now, in a worldwide media spotlight, an unprecedented science court has been convened in Washington, D.C.

On opposite sides of the courtroom stand two brothers, Arthur and Jessie Marshak. One is a researcher who views the development as a momentous gift to humankind. The other is a doctor who believes it is unethical and dangerous. Standing between them is Julia Marshak - a remarkable, beautiful woman who broke one brother's heart and married the other. As angry factions clash in the city streets and science finds itself on trial in a media frenzy of greed, ambition and lust, Arthur and Jessie must somehow bridge the gap that divides them - on an issue that could mean nothing less than life or death for millions.


(updated 2010-09-07)

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