Sunshine - Robin McKinley8.50

Mythopoeic Fantasy Award 2004.

“Sunshine” is what everyone calls her. She works long hours in her family’s coffeehouse, making her famous “Cinnamon Rolls as Big as Your Head,” Bitter Chocolate Death, Caramel Cataclysm, and other sugar-shock specials that keep the customers coming. She’s happy in her bakery – which her stepfather built specially for her – but sometimes she feels that she should have life outside the coffeehouse.

One evening she drives out to the lake to get away from her family, to be alone. There hasn’t been any trouble at the lake for years.

But there is trouble that night for Sunshine. She is abducted by a gang of vampires who shackle her to the wall of an abandoned mansion, within easy reach of a figure stirring in the moonlight. Sunshine knows that he is a vampire and that she is to be his dinner. Yet when dawn breaks he has not attempted to harm her.

And now he needs her help to survive the day...

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Release date: September 2003
Genres: fantasy
Tags: mythopoeic awards
Average rating: 8.50/10
Total ratings: 10
Updated: January 20, 2015


8/10 |
September 02, 2007
You can't help liking Sunshine. Even if her thoughts are sometimes a real info dump, this is a book you want to finish quickly. Secondary characters are fun too, and having a librarian in the crowd is a big plus. I would like to hear more about what ...