The Magician's Dream

by Shawn Thomas Odyssey
Release date: June 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

Pseudonymous Bosch crosses with Angie Sage in a middle-grade novel that mixes mystery and fantasy as our intrepid heroine investigates the theft of a ruby necklace that bestows upon its wearer untold powers.

A break-in at the museum, mysterious visitors to the grand new library, and a cute guy that Oona is just beginning to notice provide obstacles, distraction, and aid as Oona navigates her way among the politics of her wizard neighbors to discover who is to blame in the latest Oona Crate mystery.

Praise for The Wizard of Dark Street: An Oona Crate Mystery:

“A magical mystery tour of a novel with a bright and charming heroine and a sidekick unlike any other in the whole genre. Kids are going to love this story.” — Peter Abrahams, New York Times best-selling author of Down the Rabbit Hole

“This is at heart a rollicking good whodunit with plenty of red herrings and suspicious characters to keep readers guessing.” — BCCB

“[E]xcellent blend of fantasy and mystery.” — Booklist

“Boys and girls will appreciate the protagonist’s magical Nancy Drew-type capers and her straightforward style.” — School Library Journal

(updated 2018-12-09)

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