Ben Bova
science fiction, short stories
Challenges - Ben Bova

Cover art by John Berkey.


Ben Bova, master of science fiction and the science fiction field, addresses the future of both in these thought-provoking tales and essays spanning thirty years of his career.

From the six-time winner of the Hugo Award, the author of Mars, Privateers, and the Orion series, comes a stunning collection of stories and essays with a generous helping of Bova's comments – particular, provocative, and deeply practical – on the SF field itself and the real future into which we are all embarked. Challenges is a special book for SF readers, aspiring writers, and anyone interested in where the human race is headed at the end of the twentieth century.

"Worthwhile, especially for the essays and the various indications of Bova's own editorial thought processes..." – Kirkus

"Aspiring writers particularly take notice." – Asimov's


  • Foreword
  • The Man Who Hated Gravity
  • Crisis of the Month
  • Sepulcher
  • Fitting Suits
  • To Touch a Star
  • Brothers
  • Interdepartmental Memorandum
  • World War 4.5
  • Answer, Please Answer
  • The Mask of the Rad Death
  • Bushido
  • The Kingdom Come
  • 2042: A Cautionary Pessimistic View (essay)
  • Science in Science Fiction (essay)
  • Will Writing Survive? (essay)
  • What Works for Me - And What I Work for (essay)
  • John Campbell and the Modern SF Idiom (essay)
  • Science, Fiction and Faith (essay)
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Release date: 1993
Genres: science fiction, short stories
Updated: September 07, 2010