Defiant (Skyward #4) - Brandon Sanderson 8.54   11

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Reckoners series, the Mistborn trilogy, and the Stormlight Archive comes the fourth book in an epic series about a girl who will travel beyond the stars to save the world she loves from destruction.

Skyward 4 being published somewhere early 2023.

It will be the final book of Skyward series.

"Brandon Sanderson: As I mentioned above, it’s a four-book series, and when I get back to it, I anticipate doing Book Four soon after Book Three."

Brandon Sanderson :: 12 messages

Release date 2023

Details updated July 9, 2022

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Skyward :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 8 total works.

Skyward is going to be a four-book series.

In addition to the main series novels, three novellas will be published (Skyward Flight), each co-written by Janci Patterson and each following a different point-of-view character. They are set in the same timeframe as Cytonic.

Skyward (Skyward #1) 8.00   2
Starsight (Skyward #2) 8.00   1
Skyward Flight: Sunreach (Skyward #2.5) 7.00   1
Skyward Flight: ReDawn (Skyward #2.6) 7.00   1
Cytonic (Skyward #3) 8.00   1
Skyward Flight: Evershore (Skyward #3.5) 6.00   1
Defiant (Skyward #4) 8.46   15
Skyward Flight: The Collection: Sunreach, ReDawn, Evershore N/A