Arcana - Paul Kane

In an alternate world where real magic exists, its practitioners are hunted down by police officers called M-forcers. But some groups are fighting back!

Monument, Colorado. WordFire Press is proud to announce the release of Arcana, by Paul Kane.

Callum McGuire is a new M-forcer who once worked the quiet streets of London. As an orphan, Callum has been brought up to believe that all magic is evil, but the more he sees of The M-forcers’ cruel methods (implemented by General Nero Stark, and his second-in-command Sherman Pryce), the more he begins to question whether or not they are right.

And when he unwittingly encounters a member of the rebel group called Arcana, he’s introduced to their world and realises that nothing will ever be the same again.

Join award-winning and bestselling author Paul Kane (the sell-out phenomenon Hooded Man, the award-winning Sherlock Holmes and the Servants of Hell and the bestselling Before) as he shows you a kind of magic you’ve never seen...

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Release date: January 2019
Genres: fantasy
Expectation rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: February 13, 2019