Accidental Warlocks

by Jeff Leavell
Release date: September 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasydark fantasy, mainstream

The semi-autobiographical Accidental Warlocks leads you through an addictive world of sex, drugs, and the esoteric, as a young gay man Jeff struggles to overcome temptation and the damnation that living a life on the edge of the numinous world can bring. Raised by a Bohemian mother who is mindful of Fate and Tarot cards, Jeff's homosexuality is neither a disappointment nor a surprise. However his attempts to find love often are met with cruel twists. A man who cannot deny the allure of clubbing, drinking, shooting up, talking to devils, Jeff finds himself poised on the lip of the abyss - The question he must ask is, are the voices from his past muses promising salvation or an angry chorus taunting him to leap.

updated 2019-01-08

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