The Worst Is Yet to Come

by S. P. Miskowski
Release date: February 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: horror

“S.P. Miskowski is an absolute master at meshing the magical and the mundane, and this book is, to put it simply, deeply frightening.” – Lisa Morton, six-time Bram Stoker Award winner

For most of her fourteen years, Tasha Davis has languished in the rural-suburban town of Skillute, Washington. Her parents offer plenty of comfortable — if stifling — emotional support, but what she needs is a best friend.

In her final year at Clark Middle School, Tasha meets a strange, new classmate. Briar Kenny is the self-styled rebel Tasha wants to be, and the Davises are the kind of close-knit family Briar covets. A moment of unexpected violence spawns a secret between the two girls and awakens a mystery from the past.

Unknown to Tasha and Briar, their secret also attracts something monstrous from a forgotten corner of Skillute. The town is haunted by its history, scarred with the lingering spirit of broken and scattered families, abandoned real estate ventures, and old scores never settled between neighbors. But there’s more to the place than memory and legend. Beneath the landscape something malignant rages, and it will stop at nothing to find a route into the physical world.

“S.P. Miskowski returns to Skillute with The Worst is Yet to Come, a gripping, devastating tale about bad choices and deadly consequences, about unhallowed ground and the bad things that have us in their sights. I stayed up late to keep reading it, and when I was done, flipped right back to the first page to start it again. A tour-de-force thriller with horrors that lodge like a bullet in your heart. I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen that Miskowski belongs on the bestseller shelves with King and in the classics with Shirley Jackson. This book is irrefutable evidence.” – Matthew M. Bartlett, author of Gateways to Abomination

(updated 2019-02-18)

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