by John French
Release date: August 2017
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction
Tags: warhammer

As the Warmaster's campaign of galactic domination continues, his generals seek out fresh battlefields to conquer. After leaving the Crone World of Iydris behind, Perturabo strikes for Tallarn. A bitter, vengeful primarch, the lord of the Iron Warriors unleashes a deadly bombardment against the world, killing millions but entrenching the survivors. A brutal, all-consuming armoured conflict ensues, the greatest of the war, and one that grinds down all combatants over more than a year of relentless battles. But Perturabo's reasons for the attack are about more than unleashing punitive destruction against the Imperium - he has an entirely darker purpose in mind.

The contents of this novel were previously published separately as the novella Tallarn: Executioner, the novel Tallarn: Ironclad, and the short stories 'Tallarn: Siren' and 'Tallarn: Witness'.

(updated 2019-01-25)

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