Elegy for Darkness

by Jacqueline Carey
Release date: June 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, collection

An omnibus edition of Banewreaker and Godslayer.

Dust jacket and interior illustrations by Donato Giancola.

Elegy for Darkness contains the two novels that comprise The Sundering, published together for the first time!

If all that is good thinks you evil... are you?

Once upon a time, the Seven Shapers dwelled in accord and Shaped the world to their will. But Satoris, the youngest among them, was deemed too generous in his gifts to the race of Men, and so began the Shapers' War, which Sundered the world. Now six of the Shapers lay to one end of a vast ocean, and Satoris to the other, reviled by even the race of Men.

Satoris sits in his Darkhaven, surrounded by his allies. Chief among them is Tanaros Blacksword, immortal Commander General of his army. Once a mortal man who was betrayed by King and Wife, Tanaros fled to Darkhaven a thousand years ago, and in Satoris's service has redeemed his honor-but left his humanity behind.

Now there is a new prophecy that tells of Satoris's destruction and the redemption of the world. To thwart it, Satoris sends Tanaros to capture the Lady of the Ellylon, the beautiful Cerelinde, to prevent her alliance with the last High King of Men.

But Tanaros discovers that not all of his heart has been lost - his feelings for Cerelinde could doom Satoris, but save the race of Men.

(updated 2019-07-01)

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