The Spirit of Dorsai

Gordon R. Dickson
science fiction > military science fiction, short stories
The Spirit of Dorsai (Childe Cycle #5) - Gordon R. Dickson

A collection of two stories and linking material.

Throughout the universe, the Dorsai are feared and respected as the most effective soldiers humanity has ever known. But the warrior spirit of the Dorsai race does not, cannot, reside solely in the men of that race – for when the Dorsai go to fight wars on distant planets, it is the women who remain behind to defend their world and their future. The home planet of the Dorsai has never fallen to any invader, although many have tried...

Through three generations, Amanda Morgan has embodied the best of the Dorsai: the selfless courage, keen intelligence, and unconquerable soul. She is more than one lone woman. She is... The Spirit of Dorsai.

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Updated: August 14, 2021

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