The Culture: Notes and Drawings - Iain M. Banks, Ken MacLeod8.34

Iain M. Banks, the modern master of SF, created many original drawings detailing the universe of his bestselling Culture novels. Now these illustrations - many of them annotated - are being published for the very first time in a book that celebrates Banks's grand vision, with additional notes and material by Banks's longtime friend and fellow SF author Ken MacLeod. It is an essential addition to the collection of any Iain M. Banks fan.

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Release date: October 14, 2021
Genres: non-fiction
Expectation rating: 8.34/10
Total ratings: 6
Updated: November 02, 2020

The Culture :: Series

Consider Phlebas (The Culture #1)7.90
The Player of Games (The Culture #2)8.10
The State of the Art7.50
Use of Weapons (The Culture #3)8.14
The State of the Art7.76
Excession (The Culture #4)9.10
Inversions (The Culture #5)8.34
Look to Windward (The Culture #6)7.92
Matter (The Culture #7)8.46
Surface Detail (The Culture #8)7.96
The Hydrogen Sonata (The Culture #9)9.50
The Culture: Notes and Drawings8.34