Now with Fleas

by Margaret Stohl, Lewis Peterson
Release date: October 22, 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, young adult
Tags: humor

Our favorite cats and robots are back... now with fleas! In the return to #1 New York Times bestselling author Margaret Stohl and Lewis Peterson’s hilarious Cats vs. Robots middle grade series, an all-out war is brewing and it’s up to Max, Min, and their squad of cats and robots to help broker peace through peaceful protest and communication.

An all-out war is fast approaching as both Cat and Robot armies prepare to converge on Earth to battle it out for the Infinity Chip. Both sides are intent on destroying the other to keep them away from the power of the superchip. Max, Min, and their beloved robots and cats know the stakes are high but soon discover the war is actually being manufactured by GloboTech’s CEO — Gifford Michael Edward Huggs (aka Giff M.E. Huggs) — as a way to control not just Earth but Felinus and Binar as well.

Complete annihilation is certain unless the gang can find a way to get Cats and Robots to stop and talk to one another. The kids create an elite swam of robotic fleas to infiltrate both sides, but will peaceful persistence and protest be enough to halt attacks? Will they ever be able to rescue Obi? And who is Daisy, the dog who thinks she’s a cat?! With humans, cats, and robot fleas around, it’s best to approach with claw-tion!

updated 2019-10-22

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