Young Bleys

Gordon R. Dickson
science fiction > military science fiction
Young Bleys (Childe Cycle, #9)

YOUNG BLEYS is the newest volume in Gordon R. Dickson's masterpiece, "The Childe Cycle," a future history that has been thrilling readers for more than three decades.

By the workings of chance Bleys Ahrens was born the genetic equal of Hal Mayne, the hero of The Final encyclopedia, but he was destined by nurture to a far different fate. Raised alone by his unhappy Exotic mother, Bleys was an outcast from every society until his half-brother Dahno claimed him.

Disciplined by Friendlies, schooled by Exotics, Dahno was beginning to build an interplanetary network of half-breeds, who called themselves "Others." But Dahno thought only of gaining wealth and power for himself; Bleys saw an opportunity to challange the Dorsai for control of the Human Worlds.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: science fictionmilitary science fiction
Updated 2015-01-08