Hoka - Poul Anderson, Gordon R. Dickson

Hoka is a collection of science fiction and fantasy stories.

Orbiting the G2 star, Brackney's Star III, is the earth-like planet Toka. And, inhabiting the world of Toka are the Hoka, a small, teddy bear-looking race, who are surprisingly strong for their size. Unfortunately their long suffering human plenipotentiary, Alexander Jones, the Hoka are the most imaginative race in the galaxy, as soon as they discover a new book of fiction, they adopt the roles and live the story... invariably with comedic results!

This book is a collection of short stories about the Hoka and the unfortunate Alexander Jones. Each story is literally laugh-out funny, and the illustrations peppered throughout add a lot to the humor of this wonderful book. there are 5 stories in this book.

#1) Joy in Mudville tells the story of the Hoka baseball team (the Teddies), and their quest for the Sector Pennant. (No one can stand before the Mighty Casey, right?)

#2) Undiplomatic Immunity finds Alexander Jones and a delegation of Hokas on Earth to request that Toka's status be upgraded. Unfortunately for Jones his Hokas have discovered the spy novel!

#3) Full Pack (Hokas Wild) describes what happens when the Hokas discover the Jungle Books, and meet up with a group of aliens that look like a tiger, a gorilla and a snake (or should I say Shere Khan, the Banderlog, and Kaa?).

#4) In the Napoleon Crime, Hokas across the planet are suddenly introduced to military history with potentially disastrous consequences; can Jones save the day yet again?

#5) The Bear That Walks Like a Man is not a Hoka story per se, but a faux-leftist intellectual's look at the Hoka.

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Release date: 1983
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, short stories
Tags: humor
Updated: January 16, 2017

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